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Ariane Marie Edmundson, painter

“Ones art goes as far and as deep as ones love goes.”
Andrew Wyeth

Already at the age of 6, I’ve thought of myself as an artist. When taken to museums, I was able to interpret the paintings and their stories instantly. I loved to be within museum walls, surrounded by art and beauty, and "read" the paintings and sculptures.

Still today, I'm enthralled with this visual storytelling and language. My art has transitioned from Portraits and Realism to Abstract Expressionism searching to communicate in this visual language in all its variations.

There is a "joy" and "beauty" in this world which I want to express in my paintings.

Portraiture, something I say “has found me”, allows me to dive deeply into a person’s being and make visible their individuality, and love....Ultimately I paint what unifies us all.

I especially love to paint portraits in watercolor.

I was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1957, lived in the US in various States, then France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Philippines, Ethiopia, back to Germany, Italy, the US and got my Fine Arts Bachelor in Interior/Environmental Design at Ball State University majoring with an Outstanding Senior Award.

Florida, Germany, Texas, Italy, Belize… that’s where I paint today.

Living such a nomadic lifestyle, it’s hard to find just one place to get recognition but I have participated in Gallery shows and won many prizes. I have yet to find the one place where I display my body of work. I have a studio everywhere I go and my work is distributed throughout. I have painted portraits and commissions and all my customers are repeat customers.

I’ve taught Fine Art in schools, after schools, to young and old, in Continuing Education programs. I’ve offered creativity workshops and private classes as well. I love to share my joy of painting and share the tools of communicating in a visual language with others and ignite their fire.

I paint a lot of horses and now, a lot of Flowers. My latest Series is called “Say it with Flowers”… see them on Instagram: arianeedm

Having owned 7 horses in Ethiopia, I have a compelling desire to Help Our Wild Horses in America. Art proceeds go to organizations which fight for them. My web pages are www.thepaintersister.com, and www.thepaintersisters.com. Comments and questions are very welcome! Email me at arianeedmundson6@gmail.com.

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